Fabulous farmhouse decorating ideas for every room

Update your interiors with modern farmhouse style

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Farmhouse style is the perfect blend of modern and rustic that is clean and yet homely. More sophisticated than shabby, it takes traditional country style and adds contemporary touches. And, what’s more, you don’t have to live on a farm or even in the country to get the farm fresh look in your home. From pared-back colour palettes to modern typographical art displays click or scroll through and take a look at these fabulous farmhouse decorating ideas that you will never put out to pasture…

Display vintage signage

Rustic signs and typography are crucial elements of farmhouse decorating. Look out for genuine vintage plaques at flea markets or stencil your own heartwarming quotes onto pieces of pallet wood. Hang the wall art in rooms that link to the wording, like Instagrammer @rusticwildarrow. For instance, a ‘farmers’ market’ sign will look humorous mounted above a kitchen larder or framed ‘family’ and ‘thankful’ quotes will make a living room cosy.

Embrace small spaces

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Farmhouses and cottages of yesteryear were typically built with small rooms so they were easier to heat. If your home is on the small side choosing a cosy farmhouse scheme is an ideal tiny home idea. Maximise the sense of space in the compact room with a pale colour palette but make the atmosphere warm and inviting with wood-panelled walls and plenty of texture.

Be inventive with reclaimed architecture

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Head out to flea markets and antique yards on the search for disused features typical of farmyard structures. Barn doors, old window frames even elements from farmyard machinery can make fabulous and factual decorative statements.  

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